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Galaxy Mobile - Dream

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The Galaxy mobile is a unique addition to any contemporary space. Particularly perfect in a nursery, bedroom or playroom – both children and adults alike are enchanted by the colourful spheres as they bounce and turn through the air.

The Galaxy mobile is handcrafted using the highest quality materials:

– Stainless steel wire

– Felt balls (fair trade and eco-friendly) 25 x 2cm balls and 9 x 1cm balls

– Nylon thread (clear) & extra for hanging

– Measurements when hanging are approximately 40cm x 50cm

DISCLAIMER: This product is considered to be a work of art, not a toy. It should be hung well out of reach of children. Whilst it has been made with the utmost care to ensure your child’s safety, we do not take responsibility for accidents or injuries if the product is used in any way other than for its intended purpose. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the product is hung securely and checked on a regular basis.

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